• Identify different fruit types as relating to plant identification.
  • Know the factors to consider when choosing apple, grape, raspberry, and strawberry cultivars for Wisconsin.
  • Understand the pollination and pollinizer requirements for the different fruit crops.
  • Be familiar with the training and pruning practices for fruiting trees, brambles, vines, and herbaceous plants.
  • Understand the need for fertilizer and how to determine fertilizer needs.
  • Know the methods to control or manage insect and disease pests.
  • Be able to locate cultural practice information from appropriate resources.
  • Practice determining answers to garden-related questions.


Student Materials:


Due to the amount of information available related to growing fruit, the information has been subdivided into the categories, below.  Please click on the headers to expand the content.

Apples Lecture

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Grapes Lecture

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Strawberries Lecture

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Raspberries Lecture

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