Mandated Reporter Training

With the implementation of Executive Order 54- mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect- all UWEX staff and volunteers are required to complete mandatory reporter training.

It is required you complete this prior to participating in any volunteer opportunities.


  1. Choose the option you would like to receive training.  You only need to complete one.
  2. Note that there IS NO EXAM (this only applies if done through 4-H online) or ability to print certificate (this has been turned off).
  3. After completing either of the following modules, notify your local coordinator so completion can be marked in the Online Reporting System (this must be done by a local coordinator)

Option 1: Online Module

NOTE: Please disregard the information on the final CONCLUSION slide. You cannot do Step 2 in the online module! You must report your completion via the instructions in #3 above.

Option 2: Video

More information: