Questions/Comments Links Added to Each Module

Baffled by botany?

Flummoxed by flowers?

Stumped with Woodies?

A Google+ Community has been created to allow you to ask questions and make comments about the components of Level 1 training.


  • Post to our Google+ Community.
  • Account required (it’s free!).
  • First time log in will prompt you for permission to join.  Say yes!


Why Google?

UW-Extension utilizes Google Applications for Education.  It’s easy.  It’s free.  And it doesn’t take sensitive information (unless you give it to them, which you don’t have to do that).

Here’s information on how to get a Google+ account.

The first time you click to gain access to our Google+ Community, you’ll have to request permission to join.  Once I give you access, you are free to ask questions and make comments.  Please use the appropriate categories provided to help us sort your communications.