Announcing Extension’s Learning Community for Inclusive Organizational Citizenship!

Click on the icons below to access the Office of Access, Inclusion, and Compliance’s web pages and resources.

language access header and link to Language Access website

Language Access at Extension website

Professional Learning

Training resources for employees that build capacity in inclusive programming

civil rights header

Civil Rights

Resources for civil rights compliance

disability resources header and link to disability accommodations website

Disability Resources

Learn more about disability, reasonable accommodations, and inclusive practices

Call to action icon showing figure with megaphone

Call to Action

Extension’s Strategic Commitment to Inclusivity & Anti-Racism Work

image and link to guidance document library

Guidance Document Library

Document library including nondiscrimination statements, demographic information templates, language access infographics and much more

anti-racism library icon and link

Anti-racism Library

Resources on the history of racism in America, anti-racism work,  white privilege, understanding the Black Lives Matter movement, and many others

outreach tools icon and link

Outreach Tools

Use the media network map to reach your diverse audiences

building inclusivity header and link to inclusion resources

Building Inclusivity

Resources that develop and promote Extension as an inclusive workplace