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Civil Rights Requirements

Civil Rights Training Modules 

This series of training modules has been designed to help all University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension employees learn and carry out their civil rights responsibilities.

Civil Rights Self-Assessment for County-based Educators

eXtension Online Campus 

ADA & Accessibility

Inclusive Practices Through a Disability Lens

by Heather Stelljes, MS, Access Consultant

Learning Objectives: 

  • Explore the definition and demographics of disability
  • Apply different models of disability to the formal accommodation request process
  • Examine principles of Universal Design of Learning and how they inform inclusive program planning

Ready to dig in? Culturally Responsive Programming PowerPoint

Universal Design 7 Principles

More information on disability accommodations can be found here.

The Zoom can be found at this link.

Community data visualization & analysis

Relationship Development & Strengthening

Learn the foundations of starting the process of intentional relationship building with communities.

Linguistically Inclusive Programming

Click on the images below to access the PowerPoint presentations. For an in-person or Zoom training, please contact OAIC at

Creating multilingual materials

This presentation shows a step-by-step process to creating multilingual outreach materials for LEP audiences.

Working with OAIC through the Coaching & Consultation request process

This presentation shares an overview of the Coaching & Consultation process, the role of requesters, and the role of OAIC.

Setting up Zoom interpretation

This video offers a short tutorial for program leads on setting up Zoom interpretation for your online event.

Please reach out to OAIC for a copy of this video. 

Culturally Responsive Practices

Learning Objectives:

  • Frame what our educators should know about their localized context
  • Apply the theoretical foundations of Culturally Responsive Practices (CRP) to Extension’s educational programs and products
  • Examine samples of CRP within the context of their strengths and limitations

Ready to dig in? Culturally Responsive Programming PowerPoint

Annotated Bibliography

Culturally Responsive Practices Handout

The Zoom can be found at this link

Additional Resources:

Image and link to Understanding the diversity of Wisconsin's Hmong communities presentation

This presentation outlines the broad points to what makes Wisconsin’s Hmong communities different and how organizations can better serve the needs of these communities.