Expanding Access Quarterly

Expanding Access Quarterly is an internal publication that provides Division of Extension colleagues information about inclusion, diversity, equity, and expanding access efforts and issues relevant to their roles as employees and educators.

Spring 2024 issue
  • Wishing Caitlin Yunis all the best!!!
  • FAQs about Hiring and Retaining Bilingual Staff
  • Shifting Perspectives: The Importance of the Social Model of Disability
  • Disability Inclusion in Racine County

Fall 2023 Issue

  • Opening acknowledgement from the All-Colleague Conference (reprint of remarks delivered in person)
  • Update from the African American Black Employee Resource Group (AABERG)
  • Intake Analysis Project: Understanding OAIC’s work and impact through data
  • First-Ever Extension ERG/TF Summit
  • Reflections from the Road (this fall’s civil rights review visits)
  • Looking Back to Summer’s WIIP Showcase Event

Fall/Winter 2022 Issue

  • Milestone approaches as OAIC celebrates 3rd anniversary
  • Apply now for spring cohorts of the Learning Community: Application closes on December 15
  • Professional development series facilitates deeper understanding of audiences underserved by Extension
  • AABERG introduces the official annual report, ‘Brown Paper’, with new milestones!
  • Kick-off of Extension’s Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) employee resource group
  • Affirmative action case in U.S. Supreme Court: impact to Extension?
  • Events for Native November

Spring 2022 Issue

  • From land-grant to law school: Best wishes, Ariana Thao!
  • “Being LGBTQ in 2022” highlights ways educators can support the well-being of LGBTQ+ youth, particularly in rural areas
  • Inaugural cohort of Learning Community wraps up
  • Partnering with an interpreter? Advance preparation is key!
  • Call to Action update: Bias and Hate Concerns Reporting Platform is now live
  • Kyle Charters assisting with disability-related requests during Heather’s leave
  • Join us in welcoming OAIC’s newest team member: Eric Rohland
  • Time for a refresh!! Update your OAIC Service Request Form link
  • HMoob farmer’s symposium: Identifying pathways to strengthen support systems for Wisconsin’s HMoob farmers

Winter 2022 Issue

  • Elevando Wisconsin: Co-constructing a Culturally Appropriate Leadership Program
  • Employee Spotlight: Tounhia Khang
  • 21 Positions Selected for The Wisconsin Idea Internship Program in 2022
  • AAERG’s Lineup for Black History Month
  • Hmong, HMoob, Hmoob – Which One Do I use?
  • The Evolution of Compliance
image of newsletter banner showing map of Tribal lands

Fall 2021 Issue

  • Native November Speaker Series
  • Employee Spotlight: Luisa Gerasimo
  • The Wisconsin Idea Internship Program is Back for 2022
  • AAERG Update
  • Civil Rights Reviews Show Progress & Opportunities
  • 38th Street & Chicago Avenue: The Intersection of Healing and Hope
image of newsletter banner showing word equity in scrabble letters

Spring 2021 issue

  • Checking in following the Chauvin trial verdict
  • Getting to know OAIC’s newest team member:  Kim Waldman, Compliance Coordinator & Equity Strategist
  • Employee Spotlight:  Eva Terry
  • Update from the African American Employee Resource Group (AAERG)
  • Focus on accessibility:  Anatomy of a disability accommodation
banner image from Peace Corps issue of Expanding Access Quarterly

The Peace Corps Issue

  • Special issue of Expanding Access Quarterly featuring stories and photos of Extension colleagues who are former Peace Corps volunteers.
banner image from Winter 2021 issue of EAQ showing image captured from FoodWIse video in Spanish

Winter 2021 issue

  • Equity leadership from within Extension
  • Knowing our audience as a starting point for positive change
  • Celebrate Black History Month with AAERG
  • Reminder on language access process and timelines
  • Calling all former Peace Corps volunteers!
photo of title banner with multi-colored leaves

Fall 2020 issue

  • Q&A with Aaron Bird Bear
  • Programming highlight: Anti-hate in Iron County
  • Re-introducing the African American Employee Resource Group
  • Employee Spotlight: James Boling
  • OAIC celebrates its first birthday!
  • Statement of appreciation to Dominic Ledesma from OAIC staff
  • 30 years of civil rights for people with disabilities: Celebrating the ADA
banner image of summer 2020 EAQ issue showing george floyd mural in Italy with words "time to change the world"

Summer 2020 issue

  • What does systemic change look like?
  • Programming highlight: Serving Native communities in Wisconsin
  • Employee Spotlight:  Janeth Orozco
  • The emergence of “BIPOC”: What it means and how it is used
  • Update from Civil Rights Leadership Team
  • New on the OAIC website: anti-racism resources and document library
  • The Dear Asians Initiative: how translation opened the door to allyship
image of forearm and hand of asian person with "I am not a virus" written on gloved hand

Spring 2020 issue

  • Xenophobia:  Addressing the pandemic nature of a social virus
  • Accessibility in the time of COVID-19
  • Use Zoom’s polling feature to collect demographic information
  • Employee Spotlight:  Angie Allen
  • Extension’s resource groups and task forces
  • Hmong community research showcased in capitol rotunda event
  • Wisconsin Idea Internship Program postponed until 2021
  • New “And Justice For All” posters coming soon
banner image of winter 2020 issue

Winter 2020 issue

  • Reflections on Washington, DC by John Kriva
  • The anatomy of a Coaching & Consultation Request
  • Updated organizational non-discrimination statements
  • Employee Spotlight:  Fabiola Diaz Negrete
  • What’s the difference between equality and equity?
  • Personal pronoun stickers available
  • Wisconsin Idea Internship Program proposals due Feb. 7
image of Fall 2019 EAQ banner

Fall 2019 issue

  • New Office of Access, Inclusion, and Compliance!
  • Meet the 2019 SAAIP interns
  • What we’re reading: Uncomfortable Neighbors
  • How to request disability accommodations for program participants
  • Employee spotlight: Adam Trunzo
  • Tribal Lands map available
  • Issues in brief: Representation matters

Summer 2019 issue

  • Q&A with Teresa Curtis
  • Third online civil rights training module available
  • Call to action: add an expanding access record in Recording Results
  • The emerging preference for “HMoob” as a term of self-identification
  • Employee spotlight: Imelda Delchambre
  • UW-Madison equal opportunity/affirmative action compliance statements
  • Farewell to Shelley King-Curry