Find Articles

Visit UW-Madison Libraries (

From the Libraries’ site, you will be presented with two options for searching for articles on a topic, either by using the Articles Search or by searching within a Database (by subject or type).

The Articles Search enables you to search many of our larger databases simultaneously.

If wanting to search exclusively within a disclipline/subject-specific database, you can make a selection from the Database menu.

  • Go to Databases menu and follow links to Introductory, Top 10, OR
  • Browse and select databases by Subject/Type.
  • Click database name to open a descriptive scope note for the database.
  • Click “Go to this Database” to open the database search engine.

If looking to find and retrieve a known article, enter information using Citation Search. Another technique is to enter the article’s title using the Articles Search.

If looking to determine whether the Libraries subscribe to a particular periodical/serial (journal, magazine or newspaper), search for that source using the Journals search. Review journal browsing options.

When using any of these options, follow links or the “Find It @UW” icons to access full article content. In instances, where the online “full-text” is unavailable, follow links to “request a copy” which will connect to our Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery service.

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