Receive Alerts

Receive updates of search results, automatically, via your email account or RSS reader. Alerts can be constructed to pull information by topic, author, cited reference or journal table-of-contents (see details, below).

How do you stay current with the literature in your discipline (among other resources)?
If you find this challenging, librarians have the tools to help. (While many staff enjoy the DIY-approach, your librarian can work with you to customize a topic or table-of contents strategy using the licensed literature databases).

Do you want to….

  • Browse the current issue of your favorite journals or magazines.
  • Get email messages or RSS feeds to newly-published research on a topic of interest.
  • Get notified when your published article is cited by other researchers.
  • Capture blogs and current news from news sites and the popular press.
  • Get notified of specific, other content including new books or funding opportunities.

Table of Contents (TOCs) Services (your favorite or essential journals)

  • Publisher Websites–set up TOC notifications from the publisher page of the journal you want to follow (often provided as a complimentary service).
  • Journal TOCs (scholarly journal TOC notifications)
  • Database Alerts: Current Contents, Web of Science, and more–(via email)
  • Browzine (App to browse TOCs on your mobile device)

Research Topic and Citation Alerts (your area of research or to an author or article)

Blogs, News Media, Website Updates

Other Content of Research Interest

  • Funding Opportunities, Grants:
    • Pivot-RP–set up a username, profile & password to save searches and receive alerts.
  • Agency sites