9-Community Placemaking & Community Design Charrette

This segment shares the content and application of curriculum developed by the University of Wisconsin-Extension on Principles of Community Placemaking. Definitions of place, place identity and placemaking are provided. An overview describes how these principles have been presented, integrated and applied in community development practices throughout Wisconsin. Practitioners will see how photographic imagery supports research-based principles about “best practices” of community design. Examples for using this curriculum are provided from dynamic community visioning processes, adaptations of “First Impressions Community Assessment Programs” and other efforts to raise capacity of aspiring citizen planners. This segment describes “off-the-shelf” resources that have been and can be used by community development professionals in their programming. These resources have been used in previous UW Extension inservice training workshops, and the scholarship has been shared widely (including the National Association of Community Development Professionals-NACDEP in 2011).


Community Design Charrette