Principles of Community Placemaking Assessment Project

Project Description

The University of Wisconsin-Extension has developed an online placemaking assessment tool that allows individuals to explore and share what they learn about their community setting.  The purpose of the assessment tool is to help communities understand the principles of community placemaking by identifying them in a real world setting and to create on online index of community placemaking examples from around the world.  Using smart phones, tablets, or personal computers, participants can locate and review examples of “The 19 Principles of Community Placemaking” on a live online world map.

Assessment Map

Click onto this link to access the online map.  The map displays places that have been identified as examples of the “19 Principles of Community Placemaking“.  The application allows you to select and view all or by specific principle.




Assessment Tool

Click onto this link to access the online assessment tool.  The tool will appear as a survey form in which you will be asked to take a photo (or upload one) of a place, give it a title, identify its specific location using the online mapping application, and selecting which of the 19 Principles of Community Placemaking it best represents.  The tool also allows you to enter comments and suggestions about the place and how it could be enhanced.  Once you submit your information, the data is entered into the world map.  You can enter as many times as you wish by going back to the original link.