5-Purposeful Activities

This segment describes UW Extension resources about primary processes for purpose-based action. Five fundamental purposeful activities are presented including: learning, research, planning and design, operating and supervising and evaluation. Appropriate application of research-based processes enables delivery of these targeted approaches as a specific response or combined response. Knowledge of these five approaches and associated skills, tools and roles bolster the effectiveness of change agents and ultimately help communities achieve their intended purposes. Complex community transformation (called Transformational Education by UW Extension) requires the integration of high end process (purposeful activities) and high end content and community knowledge. This segment provides an in-depth review of key aspects of purpose based action with an emphasis on the primary activities used by community development professionals.

  • Examples of programs and concepts
  • Five factors of each purposeful activity
  • Interactive exercises during presentation

Purposeful Activities PowerPoint from Steve Grabow

Purposeful Activities Examples and Worksheet from Steve Grabow