4-Building Community Capacity

This segment provides an overview of UW Extension-based resources on foundational concepts for transforming communities and building community capacity. This segment synthesizes existing research on definitions of community, community development, and community transformation. A model for conceptualizing community capacity is described, and includes three interdependent elements: community environment (the setting or place for vitality to occur), community structures (the people as the means for advancing positive change) and purpose-based actions (the processes used by people to pursue the desired end-state). A distinction is made between development in the community (outcomes in the setting or place) and development of the community (enhancements of people and organizations).This segment has been piloted, peer reviewed and extensively used by experienced community development professionals in Wisconsin. This session is foundational for enhancing knowledge and practice skills for leading change, building community capacity and laying out a roadmap for helping communities move toward vitality.

  • Community Transformation
  • Defining “community”
  • Community Capacity Model
  • Interactive exercises during presentation

 Community Capacity Building PowerPoint from Steve Grabow