Employee Resource Groups and Task Forces

Meaningful ways for colleagues to connect and support each other, both professionally and personally, is an indispensable resource for any organization. The Division of Extension’s Employee Resource Groups and Task Forces are one way we promote a positive and inclusive workplace for staff and faculty across the state. Resource groups and task forces provide a critical support network for Extension employees. They can also serve as an advisory resource for improving how our programs and services address the needs of Wisconsin communities statewide.

Below is a brief description of our current resource groups and task forces as well as the name and email of a designated contact person. If you are interested in connecting with these resources to learn more about their specific objectives and efforts, we encourage you to get in touch with the listed contact person(s). Likewise, if you and/or a group of colleagues have an idea for a resource group that expands our current groups, please contact the Office of Access, Inclusion, and Compliance at oaic@extension.wisc.edu.

African American Resource Group (AAERG)

Description: The Division of Extension African American/Black Employee Resource group serves as a resource open to all Extension colleagues interested in fostering the success of African-American/Black colleagues by sponsoring programming and other initiatives that promote: career development; mentoring and guidance; recruitment and retention; and networking and relationship building. The AAERG also aims to foster an environment at the Division of Extension that encourages participation in activities that are relevant to the African American/Black community.
Website: https://uwprod.sharepoint.com/sites/EXT-AAERG/SitePages/Home.aspx
Contact(s): Danielle Hairston-Green (danielle.hairstongreen@wisc.edu)

Latino Task Force (LTF)

Description: The Latino Taskforce is comprised of UW staff, faculty, and community members. Its purpose is to inform institutional decisions on recruitment and staffing, programs, educational curriculum, outreach efforts, and offers institution-wide professional development training on how to best work with diverse Latino communities throughout Wisconsin. The Taskforce also serves as a professional linkage between the Division of Extension and the greater UW-Madison academic community. In this capacity, the Taskforce will leverage the expertise and resources offered by the greater UW-Madison academic community.
Website: https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/latinotaskforce/
Contact(s): Armando Ibarra (aibarra@wisc.edu)

Latinx Employee Resource Group (LERG)

Group photo of members of Latinx Employee Resource Group

LERG group photo

Description: For more than 10 years, LERG has provided a source of support and empowerment for Extension’s Latinx employees and allies. LERG currently meets on a quarterly basis throughout the year.
Blogsite: https://blogs.extension.wisc.edu/leag/
Contact(s): Udaí Olivares (udai.olivares@wisc.edu)

Native American Task Force (NATF)

Description: Extension’s Native American Task Force (NATF) builds relationships and partnerships between UW-Extension, UW Native Nations, and Wisconsin’s Native American communities and organizations. The work of the NATF helps 1) UW-Extension staff work more effectively with Native American communities, 2) build bridges between tribal and non-tribal communities, 3) facilitate communications related to working with Native American audiences, and 3) build working relationships between 1862 Land Grant Institutions, such as UW-Madison, and 1994 Land Grant Institutions.
Blogsite: https://blogs.extension.wisc.edu/natf/
Contact(s): Brian Gauthier (brian.gauthier@wisc.edu); Jennifer Gauthier (jennifer.gauthier@wisc.edu)

UW-Madison’s Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement (DDEEA) also sponsors several Affinity Groups. While they were originally established to support campus-based faculty and staff, their resources and network of support also extend employees within the Division of Extension. For information on UW-Madison’s Affinity Groups, contact Edward Brown at edward.brownjr@wisc.edu.