Implement Your Plan

Implementation pulls together all the work that youth have done. During this step, youth follow the action plan to implement the project and evaluate as they go. Youth should make sure to communicate to the community about their efforts.


Watch the video below for a short overview of Implement Youth Plan.

In the Guidebook, facilitators will find the following:

  • A list of the crucial questions youth will need answers to before they are finished implementing their action plan
  • Suggestions for the three crucial parts of implementation: taking action, evaluating success, and communicating results
  • A troubleshooting guide for six challenges youth sometimes experience as they implement their project:
    • Challenge 1: Difficulty getting started
    • Challenge 2: Implementation isn’t going as planned
    • Challenge 3: Not knowing how the project is going
    • Challenge 4: Participants not being satisfied with the project
    • Challenge 5: Difficulties with reaching the right audience
    • Challenge 6: Narrowing down the message when there is so much to tell
  • And an evaluation checkpoint, which allows youth to be sure they are ready to move on and reminds them to reflect and celebrate their accomplishments

Click the image at the right to download the Guidebook.

Supplemental Resources

The supplemental resources below support the downloadable Guidebook and are not intended to be used alone.


Youth Self-Assessment Handout—Implement Your Plan
Don’t forget to reflect and evaluate before you move on.