Groundwork for Youth Empowered Community Change Course

The e-learning course, “Groundwork for Youth Empowered Community Change,” has been designed to provide support and knowledge to both young people and adults interested in gaining a deeper understanding of community health. This comprehensive course comprises three modules: “Social Determinants of Health,” “Health Equity,” and “Policy, Systems and Environmental Change.” Within each module, there are two activities to facilitate learning.

It is anticipated that each module will require approximately one hour for completion, and in total, all three modules will take around three hours to finish. This course serves a dual purpose, it can be utilized in the “Pre-planning” phase of Youth Advocates for Community Health to foster a common language and comprehension of the pertinent issues among participants. Secondly, the “Groundwork for Youth Empowered Community Change” course can also be utilized as a standalone e-learning resource for those seeking to delve deeper into the subjects of social determinants of health, health equity, and policy systems and environmental change.

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