nEXT Gen News 6/22/2018

County Educator Hiring Priorities

  • Area Extension Directors (AEDs) are currently working to fill county-based educator priority vacancies from the two main hiring waves. Thirty-seven of the positions have been filled. The remaining positions are in various stages of the hiring process and some have been moved to the next hiring wave. There is one more posted position that will be filled from Wave 2.
  • County demand for Cooperative Extension programming currently exceeds our ability to co-fund all proposed positions. In response, the AEDs have developed different ways, such as sharing positions across counties, through which we can still provide programming coverage where we have staff vacancies. To address the needs and vacancies in current contracts, the AED proposed solutions to address these contract needs:
    • Solutions to county-based educator contract vacancies (as of 6/18):
      • 31 solutions are Approved for Posting
        • There are 2 positions that have been hired
        • There are 2 positions that are posted
        • There are 10 positions that are in other stages of the hiring process following posting
        • Remaining solutions are pending discussion and approval
      • 23 solutions are in ongoing discussion between AEDs and Counties
      • 14 solutions are on hold for the time being and part of discussion

County-Based Educator Postings

Other postings related to the nEXT Generation Cooperative Extension model:

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