Recommendation Memos

As members of the Integration Work Group and others finalize recommendations related to the project, we will post those here. When appropriate, we will also detail how you can provide feedback on the recommendations.

The nEXT Generation project will focus on recommending changes to the following areas of Cooperative Extension.

  • Programming – What programs are delivered to the residents of Wisconsin.
  • Organizational Structure – How positions across Cooperative Extension are structured and organized.
  • Program Development – How programs are planned, developed, delivered, implemented, evaluated, and reported.
  • Support – How staff, programs and organizational structures are supported administratively.

The Integration Work Group is currently focused on creating recommendations around these areas of project scope and are projected to work through the end of April to complete their recommendations. They will send these recommendations to the Executive Sponsors as they finalize them. The Sponsors will review and forward these recommendations to the Chancellor for approval.

The Project Communications Leads will create and link formal versions of these recommendations into project communications (memos) and they will be pasted here. If you have any questions regarding these memos please email us at

Recommendation Memos 2017