Program Development

Program development category work group:
This work group assessed how programs are currently planned, developed, delivered, and evaluated across the state including current program development and delivery practices, technologies, resources, functions and organizing structures within Cooperative Extension. In the context of this work group, program development will include, but not be limited to, the following topics:

  • Program Context: Understanding the context of educational programming and priority setting;
  • Program Theory of Change (Logic Model): Articulating both the theory of, and intended outcome(s) for change;
  • Program Instructional Design: Planning for instructional design and educational delivery, administration, and evaluation;
  • Program Delivery & Implementation: Conducting, monitoring and adjusting programs; and
  • Program Evaluation: Understanding and communicating change as a result of the program, evolving the program and/or bringing it to an end.

This work group recommended how these functions could be more efficiently and effectively managed in the future.

  • Co-chairs
    • Larry Jones, UW-Extension Program Development and Evaluation Director
    • Lori Zierl, Pierce County UW-Extension family living Educator
  • External partner
    • Carol Anderson, Iowa County Board of Supervisors
  • Members
    • Greg Johll, UW-Extension Technology Services Director
    • Shelley King-Curry, UW-Extension Diversity and Inclusion Director
    • Jenna Klink, UW-Extension Environmental Resources Center evaluations Specialist
    • Jennifer Kushner, UW-Extension¬†Program Development and Evaluation Specialist
    • Sharon Lezberg, Dane County UW-Extension community resource development Educator
    • Mike Maddox, UW-Extension Master Gardener State Program Director
    • Julie Ann Stawicki, UW-Extension 4-H Youth Development Specialist
    • Kris Tiles, UW-Extension natural resource Educator