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Finding Translations

Below you will find a list of the Language Access Team’s translations that are available to Extension employees. To request specific translations, please submit an OAIC Support Request.


COVID-19 related materials

OSR # Name Type of translation Language
313 El companero Dairy Partner Newsletter Newsletter Spanish
430 Financial Resources to Help Get Through COVID-19 Information sheets Spanish
434 COVID 19 Resources for the Hmong Community Coaching & consultation N/A
440 Small Business and Nonprofit Assistance Information sheets Spanish
441 OTHER COVID-19 Resource Guide for Food Truck & Cart Vendors in Wisconsin. Resource guide Spanish, Hmong
445 Stay at Home Tips Information sheets Spanish
447 COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies for Community Gardens. Information sheets Spanish, Hmong, Lao
450 COVID-19 Farm Management Flyers. Flyer Hmong
451 Racine & Kenosha County Food Resources During COVID-19 Information sheets Spanish
452 Food Safety Tips in the Time of COVID-19 Information sheets Spanish, Hmong
455 COVID-19 Guidance for unions and Workers Information sheets Spanish
462 Best Practices for Gardeners during COVID-19 Letter Hmong
464 Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Booklet Booklet Spanish
465 4-H Cloth Face Coverings Lesson Plan. Lesson plan Spanish, Somali
473 COVID-19 Remote Education – Correctional Facilities Curriculum Spanish
474 Community Gardens and COVID-19 Signage Spanish, Hmong, Lao, Somali
602 COVID-19: A Conversation About Vaccines Registration materials Spanish
608 Monroe Clinic and Green County Public Health COVID updates Email Spanish
616 Moving Forward during COVID-19: Deciding who, when, and how Fact sheet, worksheet Spanish, Somali
642 Communication Networks for Extension’s COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Workgroup Information sheets Spanish
648 COVID-19 Guidance for Farmers Markets Fact sheet Hmong
649 Keeping COVID off the Farm in 2021 Flyer Spanish, Hmong
679 COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ Virtual Town Hall for Youth and Families Fact Sheet Spanish
711 COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach for Youth and Families Newsletter Spanish
766 COVID-19 Website FAQ Updates Fact sheet Spanish

Agriculture & Natural Resources

OSR # Name Type of translation Language
2 Well Water Sampling Program Fact Sheet, Forms, Newsletter Spanish
12 Community Gardens Forms Somali
14 Early Roots Programming Fact Sheets Spanish
31 Well Water Sampling II Flyer Spanish
34 Wisconsin’s Geological Past Fact Sheet Spanish
45 Walking Strong Hoof Health Fact Sheets Fact Sheet Spanish
62 Polinator Education Fact Sheet, Curriculum, Flyer Spanish
63 Skid Steer Loader Safety Fact Sheet Spanish
82 Heifer Blueprints Fact Sheet Series Spanish
95 UW Extension WI Dairy and Beef Well Being Conference Powerpoint, Survey, Fact Sheet, Flyer Spanish
102 Green Thumb Garden Series 2018 Curriculum Spanish
104 Polinator Protection Education Signs Hmong
136 Let’s Garden Event Poster Spanish, Hmong
150 Good Gardeners are Good Garden Neighbors Fact Sheet Spanish
278 ARS Field Days news releases (Series) Article Spanish, Hmong
279 Getting Started as a Mobile Vendor Advertisement Spanish
286 Lake Superior Winter Spinach Production Trials Information Sheets Spanish
297 On Farm Translation Help Protocols Spanish
300 Gardening Video Video script Spanish
304 Urban Gardening Videos Planting Tomatoes Video script Spanish
307 State Fair Brochures Brochures Spanish
309 Re-building public trust in dairy Spanish
313 El Compañero/Dairy Partner Newsletter by UW Madison Division of Extension Newsletter Hmong
318 WPS Flip Chart Book Spanish
330 Gardening YouTube Videos Video script Hmong
344 Vegetable Pest and Disease ID and Management Flyer, PowerPoint Spanish, Hmong, Swahili
353 Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule Training Curriculum Spanish
371 Winter Seminar Series (for green industry professionals) Curriculum Spanish
372 Dairy Partner/El Compañero December Newsletter Newsletter Spanish, Hmong
385 On Farm Culture Survey/Research Outreach Program Survey Spanish
394 Bilingual Child Farm Safety Videos Video script Spanish
410 Container Gardening Presentation Spanish
438 Pollinator Protection Signage for Five Dane County Park Signage Spanish
450 COVID-19: Farm Management Flyer (3) Flyer Hmong
453 Extension Innovation Funding Initiative Developing Extension Capacity to work with Hmoob Farmers Hmong
474 Community Gardens and COVID-19 Signage Spanish, Hmong, Lao, Somali
494 Pollinator Interpretive Sign for Henry Vilas Zoo Pollinator Garden Signage Spanish
496 Community Garden Rental Signage Spanish, Hmong, Lao
521 Reduce Your Covid Risk This Harvest Video script Spanish
540 Green Thumb Gardening Series Program materials Spanish, Hmong
541 Ag Institute Inclusivity In Hiring Practices Position description Spanish
557 FairShare Advisory Committee Meeting Series Spanish
560 Small Flock Nuggets Fact sheets Spanish, Hmong
571 Building Extension Capacity to Work with HMoob Farmers Survey Hmong
578 Programming/Meeting with Linguistically Diverse Farmers Spanish, Hmong
589 Farm Employees: Building Management and Conflict Resolution Skills Program materials Spanish, Hmong
594 Mooving Cows Scripts Spanish
605 Building Extension Capacity to Work with HMoob Farmers Transcription Hmong
617 Wood County Clean Sweep Poster Translation Poster Spanish, Hmong
623 Take Action to Keep Our Lakes Healthy Brochure Spanish
626 Building Positive Workplace Culture with Employee Safety & Health Scripts Spanish
638 Farm Pulse Program Curriculum materials Spanish, Hmong
639 DWT: Infectious Claw Diseases Prevention and Control Spanish
648 COVID-19 Guidance for Farmers Markets Fact sheet Hmong
649 Keeping COVID off the Farm in 2021 Flyer Spanish, Hmong
651 Waukesha County Rental Garden Waiver Waiver, Fact Sheet Spanish
658 CIG Manure Training Safety Checklists Checklists Spanish
663 Growing Equity and Access in CSA: A Post-Pandemic Opportunity Program materials Spanish, Hmong
663 Growing Equity and Access in CSA: A Post-Pandemic Opportunity Program materials Spanish, Hmong
674 FairShare Program Descriptions Descriptions Spanish
675 Late Blight Fact Sheet Fact Sheet Spanish
Exploring Extension Capacity to work with HMoob Farmers
Transcription Hmong
752 Artificial Insemination Program materials Spanish
778 2022 Organic Vegetable Production Conference Announcement Spanish, Hmong
784 Beef On Dairy Webinar Series & Beef x Dairy Calf Factsheets Fact Sheet Spanish
785 Farm Management Articles for Translation from English to Hmoob Articles Hmong
799 Artificial Insemination Program materials Spanish


Community Development

OSR # Name Type of translation Language
32 Property Tax Bill Fact Sheet Spanish, Hmong
167 Youth in Government Survey, Invitations Spanish
185 Green County Leaders Curriculum Spanish
197 SW WI Regional Community Economic Development Strategy Process Curriculum Spanish
205 Green County Leaders Dialogue and Debate Handout Curriculum Curriculum Spanish
208 USDA Poultry Processing Business Feasibility Study for SW Wisconsin Survey Spanish
210 Green County Leaders Asking Powerful Questions Curriculum Spanish
226B Summer Food Businesses Newsletter Spanish
229 Youth in Government Newsletter Spanish
270 Pharmaceutical Drop-Off Literature Brochure Spanish, Hmong
274 Wood County Agriculture and Household Clean Sweep Flyer Spanish, Hmong
280 Latinx Downtown Study Form and interview questions Spanish
288 Kayaking Brochure & Boat Slow No Wake Brochure Brochure Spanish, Hmong
291 Green County Leaders Curriculum Spanish
301 Home Composting for Hmong Farmers and Gardeners Handout Spanish, Hmong
302 Area 20 Program Promotional Brochure Brochure Spanish
325 Leadership Lessons from Improv Workshop for Bayview Leaders Flyer Spanish, Hmong
339 Invite to Present in Russia Curriculum Russian
350 Extension Fond du Lac Brochure Brochure Spanish
355 Glenn County Leaders 2020 Curriculum Spanish
361 Soil Conservation PowerPoint Hmong
440 COVID-19 Small Business and Nonprofit Assistance Fact Sheet Spanish
441 COVID-19 Resource Guide for Food Truck & Cart Vendors in Wisconsin Resource guide Spanish
443 Survey for Monroe Public Library Strategic Plan Survey Spanish
445 COVID-19 Stay at Home Tips Fact sheet Spanish
458 Starting Your Food Business Checklist Checklist Spanish
462 Best Practices for Gardeners during COVID-19 Letter Hmong
463 Leadership Waupaca County Spanish
467 “Uncertain at this time” Spanish
469 Ethnic Minority Emergency Grant (EMEG) Spanish, Hmong
471 Permits Needed for Your Food Business Fact sheet Spanish
491 Spanish Language Introduction to Zoom & Multilingual Zoom Meetings-EXTERNAL Email Spanish
503 NE WI Business Networking Zoom meeting Email, Survey Spanish
525 Back to School with COVID-Take Care of your Family’s Mental Health Program materials Spanish
528 Digital Marketing Basics Poster, forms Spanish
530 FoodWIse Photo/Talent Release Form Form Spanish, Hmong
531 Tower Hill, Neighborhood, Inc. Strategic Planning Survey Spanish
534 Community Food Systems Program website development Website description Spanish, Hmong
536 Edible Start Up Summit Press release Spanish, Hmong
545 COVID Business Check ins Follow Up Survey Spanish
549 Latinos Unidos Bylaws Conversation Bylaws Spanish
569 Fowler Free Dental Clinic Strategic Planning: Mission, Vision, and Values Mission statement Spanish
574 Monroe Public Library Mission and Values Mission statement Spanish
583 Co-construction of Spanish Language Leadership Program – Innov Grant Application Spanish
597 Child Care Business Support Curriculum materials Spanish
598 Bilingual Childcare Business Bootcap Accelerator Series Flyers, Curriculum materials Spanish
600 Baraboo Police Department Survey Survey Spanish
601 Spanish Email Translation Request Email Spanish
608 Monroe Clinic and Green County Public Health COVID updates Email Spanish
619 Latinos Unidos Bylaws Edits Bylaws Spanish
642 Communication Networks for Extension’s COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Workgroup Information sheets Spanish
646 Green County Leaders May 2021: Skills for Bridging the Divide Flyers Spanish
650 Build It Strong-Child Care Business Foundations Website content Spanish
673 Food Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (FEED) Summer Series Flyer Spanish, Hmong
677 Kaukauna Public Library Community Survey Survey Spanish, Hmong
679 Elevando Wisconsin Co-construction Program materials Spanish
679 COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ Virtual Town Hall for Youth and Families Fact Sheet Spanish
680 CCB Northeastern Curriculum materials Spanish
681 CCB Western Curriculum materials Spanish
682 CCB Southeastern Curriculum materials Spanish
683 CCB Southern Curriculum materials Spanish
684 CCB Northern Curriculum materials Spanish
687 Spanish Speaking/Latino Families’ Community Needs Assessment Needs Assessment Spanish
696 Partners in Transportation Postcard Spanish
702 Mental Health and Policing: Breaking the Cycle Survey Spanish
705 Homegrown: Entrepreneurship in Your Community Flyer, Tri-fold Spanish
708 Edible Start Up Summit 2021 Flyer Spanish, Hmong
709 Wisconsin Idea English/Spanish Poster poster Spanish
723 Healthy Retail Access Program Information sheet, survey Spanish, Hmong
724 Whitewater Market Study Spanish
746 Business Card Business Card Hmong
756 Child Care Business Development using GrowthWheel Program materials Spanish
792 Brodhead Public Library Strategic Plan Survey Spanish
800 Community Gardens Summit Program materials Spanish, Hmong

Health & Well-being

OSR # Name Type of translation Language
0 July-Sept 2017 Food $ense Newsletter Newsletter Spanish
1 Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program Survey Spanish, Hmong
10 Strong Women Forms Spanish
22 5th Grade EFNEP Evaluation Survey Spanish
26 Nutrition and Lead Flyer Flyer Spanish, Hmong
30 SNAP Parent Survey Evaluation Survey Spanish
46 Feeding for Healthy Eating Participant Handouts Curriculum Spanish
48 Langlade County Food Resources Brochure Fact Sheet Spanish
51 Food Environment Survey Consent Forms Forms Spanish
53 FoodWise Food Prep Education Consent Forms Forms Spanish
57 WIC Nutrition Education Group Lesson Survey Survey Spanish
65 Food Drive 5 ToolKit Fact Sheet, Flyer Spanish, Hmong
69 Demographic Self-Reporting Form Survey Spanish
79 ESBA Partner Communication Flyer Spanish
80 6th through 12th Nutrition Education Surveys Survey Spanish, Hmong
81 Lead-Ed Interview translation Interview content Spanish
86 Healthy Weighs for Less Curriculum Curriculum Spanish
93 FoodWIse Surveys – FY18 Survey Spanish, Hmong
96 How to Store Leftovers Info Sheet Fact Sheet Spanish
99 Food Pantry Shelf Talkers Fact Sheet, Curriculum Spanish
100 FitWIse Packet Translation Curriculum Spanish, Hmong
101 Parent Series Curriculum Spanish
105 Fond du Lac Area Food Resource Guide Fact Sheets Spanish
111 FoodWIse Parent Consent Letter for Classroom Form Spanish
115 FoodWIse Strong Body Evaluation Survey Spanish, Hmong
123 Survey on Foods that Mitigate Lead Absorption Survey Spanish
124 Eating Smart Being Active Flyer Flyer Spanish
133 StrongBodies with FoodWIse Fact Sheets, Forms Hmong
135 FoodWIse Info Sheet Mix Up Your Meals with New Ideas Fact Sheets Spanish
146 Feeding for Healthy Eating Class Curriculum Spanish
147 Pierce and St. Croix County Food Wise Program Brochures Spanish
149 Feeding for Healthy Eating Series Handout Fact Sheet Spanish
151 EFNEP SNAP technology Access Survey, Flyer Spanish
153 FoodWIse Recipe Book Curriculum Spanish
158 Youth Nutrition Ed – EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program) Newsletter Spanish
159 El Mensajero article Press release Spanish
161 From Yuck to Yum Playdate Curriculum Spanish
169 Safe and Heatlhy Food Pantries Keep or Toss Fact Sheet Spanish
188 Recruitment Advertising Job Posting Advertisement Spanish
196 Food Pantry PSE Curriculum Spanish
199 FoodWIse Promotional Postcards Flyers Spanish
201 El Mensajero article Press release Spanish
203 Green County Area Food Pantries Fact Sheet Spanish
207 FoodWIse Safe and Healthy Food Pantry Prompts Curriculum Spanish
209 FoodWIse Healthy Drinks Info Sheet Fact Sheet Spanish
211 FoodWIse EEOAA Statements Press release Spanish
213 FoodWIse Quick Tips Video Script Spanish, Hmong
215 FoodWIse Pierce, Polk & St. Croix Brochure Update Fact Sheet Spanish
224 Discover MyPlate Handouts Fact Sheet Spanish
228 Somali Food Preparation for Healthy Eating Curriculum, Newsletter Somali
234 Discover Wisconsin Farmer’s Market Guided Tour Curriculum Spanish
239 Yuck to Yum Boys and Girls Club Programming Newsletter Spanish
240 Spring Valley Food Pantry Class Poster Flyer Spanish
243 FoodWIse Healthy Drinks Fact Sheet Hmong
245 Picky Eating Infosheet Fact Sheet Spanish
252 StrongBodies FoodWIse Pre-Post Physical Activity Survey Surveys Spanish
253 Calumet, Outagamie, Waupaca, Winnebago Counties Grocery Store Tour Flyer Flyer Spanish, Swahili
255 EEO Statement Standardized text Spanish, Hmong
261 SHFPP Client Surveys Surveys Spanish
265 Evaluation for Discover WI Farmer’s Markets Survey Spanish
266 Nutrition Nudges Book Spanish
276 Fond du Lac Area Food Resources Resource Pages Spanish
277 El Mensajero Magazine Article Article Spanish
281 Milwaukee Farmers Market Coalition 2019 Flyer Flyer Spanish
284 Rock County Food Assistance Directory List Spanish
287 Summer School Lessons Letter Spanish, Hmong
292 Waupaca Farmers Market Flyer Spanish
298 Grocery Store Tours Flyer Spanish
299 General adult education flyer Flyer Spanish, Hmong
317 Farmer’s Market Digital Ad Update Advertisement Spanish
323 Discover Wisconsin Farmers’ Markets Permission Slip Form Spanish, Hmong
332 FoodWIse Funding Statement Funding statement Spanish
341 2nd Grade Parents Newsletters FoodWIse Waupacca Co. Newsletter Spanish
342 Polk County Food Resource Directory Resource directory Spanish
346 FoodWIse FY20 surveys Survey Spanish, Hmong
347 iCook 4-H Curriculum Spanish
359 Pierce & St. Croix food resource directories Directory Spanish
360 FoodWIse Consent Form Form Hmong
362 2020 Grocery Store Tours Booklet, Curriculum Spanish
399 Community Garden Registration Documents Forms Hmong
417 FoodWIse Parent Survey – Spanish version Survey Spanish
424 Think Your Drink promotional flyers for Head Start and Early Head Start (EHS) Flyer Spanish
449 FoodWIse YouTube Videos (4) Script Hmong
451 Racine & Kenosha County Food Resources During COVID-19 List Spanish
452 Food Safety Tips in the Time of COVID-19 Fact sheet Spanish, Hmong
456 COVID-19 Be Well Script Spanish
460 Credit statement for i-Cook curriculum publication Statement Spanish
461 Harvest of the Month Curriculum Curriculum Spanish, Hmong, Ojibwe, Oneida, Potowatomi, Ho-Chunk, Menominee
470 FoodWIse Quick Tips Video Social Media Posts (Facebook) Social media post Spanish, Hmong
495 Food Safety and COVID-19 Transcript Spanish, Hmong
501 Milwaukee County Mapping Spanish, Hmong
509 StrongBodies Virtual Program: Participant Safety Checklist Checklist Spanish
510 FoodWIse Introduction Slide for Virtual Programming PowerPoint slide Spanish, Hmong
514 Communication with Hmong Gardeners Signage Hmong
527 Food Safety and Preservation Tips Fact sheets Spanish, Hmong
532 Mindfulness Strengthening Families Flyer into Spanish Flyer Spanish
537 FoodWIse StrongBodies End of Session Evaluation Survey Survey Spanish
547 Eating Smart, Being Active (ESBA) Online Classes Program materials Spanish
550 FoodWIse FY21 Surveys (updated language) Surveys Spanish, Hmong
552 Influenza Vaccination Communications Toolkit Facebook posts Spanish
553 FoodWIse Virtual Education Consent Form Forms Spanish, Hmong
573 Coalition Community Vote on Future Priorities Survey Spanish
575 Stay at home tips: Grief, Loss, and New Traditions Fact sheets Spanish
577 Kenosha Resource Card Resource card Spanish
580 StrongBodies Equipment Loan Form Form Hmong
581 Keep Calm and Cook On (Virtual Cooking Classes) Program materials Spanish, Hmong
602 COVID-19: A Conversation About Vaccines Registration materials Spanish
620 Communtiy Garden Plot Registration Form Hmong
628 First Grade Introduction Letter Letter Spanish
633 Head Start Parent Program Spanish
637 Keep Calm and Cook On – April & May Sessions Program materials Spanish, Hmong
645 Grow it, Try it, Like it Curriculum Parent Handouts Spanish, Hmong
653 1st Grade Wrap Up Letter Letter Spanish
653 1st Grade Wrap Up Letter Letter Spanish, Hmong
654 FoodWIse Adult Introduction Slide for Virtual Education Slide Spanish, Hmong
664 Head Start Parent Letter Letter Spanish
666 Food Recall Slides and Remote Collection of Food Recalls Slides, List Spanish
669 FoodShare Seedling Resource Spanish, Hmong
706 FoodWIse (Quote) StrongBodies Nutrition Education
711 COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach for Youth and Families Newsletter Spanish
715 Waupaca County Spanish Translated Resources Social Media Posts, Flyer Spanish
725 Stock Boxes for Seniors Program materials Spanish, Hmong
728 COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach and Education Infographic Spanish
735 Head Start Parent Program – Say Yes to Vegetables Scripts Spanish
749 Keep Calm & Cook On Fall 2021 Flyer, registration form Spanish
766 COVID-19 Website FAQ Updates Fact sheet Spanish
771 Understanding the Nutrition Facts Panel Fact Sheet Spanish
772 Support You(th): A Mental Health Series Program materials Spanish, Hmong
774 Food Resource Directory Update Resource Directory Spanish
777 How to Use a Food Pantry Flyer Flyer Spanish
779 Winter Squash Basics Flyer Hmong
783 Grocery Store Tour Flyer Flyer Spanish
789 Extension Wellness Series – 2022 programming Program materials Spanish, Hmong
798 Show Me Nutrition Grade 5 Newsletters Newsletters Spanish

Human Development & Relationships

OSR # Name Type of translation Language
8 eParenting Little Ones Curriculum, Survey, Fact Sheet, Powerpoint Spanish
9 Raising a Thinking Child Survey Spanish
23 Get the Credit You Deserve Fact Sheet Spanish
24 Money $mart in Head Start Newsletter Series Newsletter Spanish
49 Rent Smart 2017 Curriculum Spanish
54 Money $mart in Head Start M$iHS Newsletter Newsletter Spanish
61 WI Bookworms Activity Sheets Fact Sheet, Curriculum Spanish
91 Parenting the Preschooler Fact Sheet Spanish
109 Get the Credit You Deserve Fact Sheets Spanish
119 Taking Care of You Workshop Series Curriculum, Powerpoint Spanish
121 Positive Solutions for Families workshop series Curriculum, Powerpoint Spanish
128 Early Literacy with WIC population Survey Spanish
138 Money Smart Week Events in Fond du Lac County 2018 Newsletter Spanish
144 Credit updates for Family Living Fact Sheets Spanish
164 Raising Caring Kids Curriculum Spanish
180 Children in the Middle Curriculum Spanish
271 Waiver translation Form Spanish
314 2019 – 2020 Wisconsin Bookworms Activity Sheets Spanish Activity Spanish
370 Rent Smart Brochure Brochure Spanish
374 Parent Survey 2019-20 Survey Spanish
377 2019 Tax Credits Sheet Spanish
381 Financial Education Center Brochure Brochure Spanish
388 2019 Tax Credit for Families and Individuals Definitions Flyer Spanish
390 RDTC VITA 2020 Brochure. Brochure Spanish
407 Richland County Resource Guide 2020 Resource Guide Spanish
448 Emotion Coaching Script Spanish
473 COVID-19 Remote Education-Correctional Facilities Information sheets Spanish
476 Wisconsin Bookworms Activity Sheets for 2020-2021 Activity sheets Spanish
511 Summer Story Walk Header/footer Spanish
519 Moving Forward during COVID-19: Deciding who, when, and how Fact sheet, worksheet Spanish
522 Juntos Wisconsin Fall Program Series Program materials Spanish
539 FREE Parenting Workshops Forms, program materials Spanish
542 Youth Forward Wisconsin Children’s Savings Account Programming Spanish, Hmong
559 Translations of two financial publications Financial publications Spanish, Hmong, Swahili, Kirundi, DaRi
584 Parent Café: Remote Learning – Share Successes and Brainstorm Solutions Program materials Spanish
586 2020 Tax Credits Fact sheets Spanish
592 Interactive Reading Workshop (IRW) Flyer, Handouts Spanish
613 Building Bridges Across Communities Facebook Post Spanish
616 Moving Forward during COVID-19: Deciding who, when, and how Fact sheet, worksheet Spanish, Somali
624 Medication Safety for the HMoob community Script, Magnet Hmong
627 Juntos Summer College Series Flyer, Curriculum materials Spanish
641 Richland County Photovoice Forms Spanish
643 Early Learning Series Workshops Program materials Spanish
662 HMoob Early Literacy Project Fact sheets, Posters Hmong
685 Building Bridges across Communities Social Media Posts Spanish
686 Bookworms Program Activity Sheets Activity Sheets Spanish
689 HMoob StoryWalk Project Prompt postings Hmong
697 Sauk County Resource Guide Resource Guide Spanish
714 Advance Child Tax Credit Fact Sheet Fact sheet Spanish
727 Interactive Reading Bookmark Bookmark Spanish, Hmong, Somali
757 Triple P for Spanish Speakers Program materials Spanish
759 Rent Smart Program materials Spanish
768 Money Matters module on Credit Unions, Banks, and Other Financial Institutions Curriculum materials Spanish
780 Juntos Newsletter Paragraphs Newsletter Spanish
781 Raising A Thinking Child Program materials Spanish
796 Buffalo-Pepin Moving Forward Reentry Program Program materials Spanish

Positive Youth Development

OSR # Name Type of translation Language
70 4-H Cloverbud Curriculum: All of Our Colors Curriculum Spanish
84 4-H Handbill Fact Sheet Spanish, Hmong
98 4-H Enrollment Post Spanish
118 4-H Infographic Flyer Spanish, Hmong
122 Food Smart for Families Supplemental Questions Survey Spanish
126 Family Camp at Upham Woods Flyer, Forms, Fact Sheets Spanish, Hmong
130 Why Join 4-H? Flyer Spanish, Hmong
152 Cloverbud Project Family Guides Curriculum Spanish
155 4H Dunn County News Article Newsletter Spanish, Hmong
195 Explore 4-H Event – Participant Contact Form Form Spanish
200 4-H Youth Development Enrollment Forms Forms Spanish
212 Lemonade Day Article for El Mensajero Press release Spanish
221 Family Learning Day Curriculum Spanish
225 Lemonade Day Expectation Agreement Newsletter, forms Spanish
233 Cultivating Creativity Microgreens Fact Sheet Spanish, Hmong
242 4-H New Family Handbook Fact Sheet Spanish
257 4-H Flyer translation Flyer Spanish
269 Cultivating Creativity: Flowers & Veggies for the Fair Flyer Spanish, Hmong
275 Summer Fun Cloverbud/Exploring Camp Brochure Spanish
282 4-H Community Day Camp Flyer Spanish
285 Honey Bee Challenge Information Sheets Spanish, Hmong
289 Home Alone Outreach Marketing Flyer and Postcard Spanish, Hmong
293 Bathroom Stalls Signs Flyer Spanish
295 One sentence Sentence Spanish
296 4-H Day Camp Flyer, Forms Spanish
303 Journal for Summer Reading Program Article Spanish
311 Washington County 4-H Open House flyer Flyer Spanish
312 4-H Summer Fun Camp Photo Release Form Form Spanish
316 Act Out with 4-H Day Camp Flyer Spanish
320 Outagamie County Program Overview Flyers Flyer Spanish
321 4-H Open House Flyer Spanish, Hmong
322 El Mensajero Latino Magazine article Article Spanish
327 4-H Open House Flyer Spanish, Hmong
335 Mindfulness Enhanced Strengthening Families Flyer, Brochure Spanish
337 Cloverbud Curriculum – Family Letters (Year 3) Curriculum Spanish
338 Informational 4-H Enrollment Meeting Flyer Spanish, Hmong, Swahili
348 Update of LSRs 48 and 118 Flyer Spanish, Hmong
349 Dog Project Brochure Brochure Spanish
351 Youth In Governance Brochure and Handbook Brochure, Handbook Spanish, Hmong
352 Youth In Governance Forms Form Hmong
356 Cloverbud animal flashcards Flashcards Spanish
365 Rock County Y-AP Focus Group Consent Form 2019 Form Spanish
378 Why Join 4-H? Flyer Spanish
382 Calumet County Needs Assessment Survey Survey Spanish
398 CYVC Press Release Press Release Spanish
428 Volunteer Preparation Station Worksheet Worksheet Spanish
457 Just in Time Newsletter Registration form Form Spanish
483 Exploring 4-H Curriculum N/A
487 4-H Weaving Curriculum Curriculum Spanish, Hmong
566 Plarn Mats Service Learning Activity Plan Program materials Spanish, Hmong, Somali
576 Wood County 4-H Brochure Brochure Spanish, Hmong
640 Lemonade Day 2021 Flyer Spanish
635 Parenting the Preschooler Spanish
671 Parenting the Preschooler (2) Spanish
699 Summer Fun Camp Flier Flyer Spanish
710 4-H Open House Flyer Flyer Spanish
734 Taylor County 4-H Tri-fold Promotional Brochure Brochure Spanish
737 4-H Enrollment Flyer Flyer Spanish, Hmong
738 Join 4-H Flyer Flyer Spanish
740 Join 4-H Flyer Flyer Spanish
775 Youth As Resources and Youth In Governance Translation of Materials Program materials Spanish
787 Juntos Middle School Program Marketing materials Spanish


OSR # Name Type of translation Language
272 News release Article Spanish
326 Wisconsin On-Site Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Program Curriculum Spanish
369 Green County Leaders – Alumni Presentation Presentation Spanish
373 Garden Network Summit Spanish
393 Reality Check Financial and Life Choices Form, Signage Spanish
406 Extension Waukesha County Spotlight 2019 Signage Spanish
444 4-H Family Fun Night Flyer Spanish, Hmong
455  Guidance for Unions & Workers Booklets (COVID-19) Book Spanish
464 Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Booklet (COVID-19) Booklet Spanish
479 Volunteer Management Procedures Booklet N/A
481 Away Message due to COVID-19 Furlough Email text Spanish, Hmong
486 Recorded Financial Aid Information Sessions PowerPoint Spanish
606 FISC Tuition Promise News Release News release Spanish
607 2020 Spotlight N/A Spanish
612 Health Workers, Thriving Wisconsin Presentation Spanish
615 Zoom interpretation Video Voice-Over Script Spanish, Hmong
707 WFACSA Employed Caregiver Survey Survey Spanish
719 Parenting the Preschooler 3 Curriculum materials Spanish
753 2021 Fall Community Gardens Newsletter Newsletter Spanish, Hmong
782 Wisconsin Broadband Summit Video Scripts Spanish
795 Extension Logic Model (2009) Arizona State University Model Mandarin
804 Defining School for Workers in Marketing Program materials Spanish