Wisconsin 4-H Model Club uses special skills to support community

Activity: Collecting modeling kits for patients at the Zablocki VA Hospital

Group: Wisconsin 4-H Model Club

Date of Activity: Ongoing

Number of people: 6 youth; 2 adults

Number of hours: 40+ hours

The Wisconsin 4-H Model Club collects unbuilt kits and model supplies for use by VA Hospital patients during rehab. The group also hosted a model show on May 16, 2013. Seven youth and three adults gave around 12 hours of their time to show patients their models. 80% of patients attended that show, and the group received letters of thanks from the Department of Veterans Affairs thanking them for bringing the exhibit and helping introduce the patients to a new form of expression.

Activity: Model show fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House of South East Wisconsin

Group: Wisconsin 4-H Model Club

Date of Activity: October 26, 2013

Number of people: 8 youth; 6 adults

Number of hours: 14 hours

The group hosted a classic model show to raise money for the Milwaukee Ronald McDonald House. They were able to donate $591.00 to the organization, and collected more unbuilt model kits to donate to the Zablocki VA Hospital.