Edit Existing Posts or Drafts

If you want to edit existing posts you can click the Edit link next to the article title on your blog itself.

Depending upon the design theme you have applied to your site, the edit link will either be a word…

Edit link on published post

or an icon…



…or you may find the Edit link at the bottom of the post:

Edit link at bottom of post


No matter where you find it, when you click Edit link, the Edit Post screen will appear. This will be similar to the Add New Post screen. Make your necessary edits (change title, content, categories, tags, etc.) and be sure to click the Update button to publish the new updates to your site.

Edit Post screen for editing an existing post

Edit Posts via the Dashboard

Another method of editing posts is to go into your Dashboard, and then from the Posts menu, select All Posts.

Select All Posts from the Posts menu

The All Posts screen will appear.

All posts

Posts that have been published or are in draft will be listed along with the author, category, tags and published (or last modified) date.

To edit a post, point to it with your mouse and a list of commands will appear. You have the following options: Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and View:

  • Edit

The Edit Post screen will open so you can make any necessary changes. When you’re finished with your edits, you must click the Update Post command.

  • Quick Edit

Click QuickEdit to open an editing window right within the Edit Posts screen. You can’t modify the post content but you can modify its title, date, categories, tags, etc.

  • Trash

Click Trash to send your selected post to the trash can. You will get a confirmation dialog box. Click OK to proceed with the deletion.  You can restore posts from the Trash if necessary.  To restore, select the Trash filter from the top of the All Posts list. Point to the post your want to restore, and click the Restore command.

  • View

Click View to see the selected post in your browser.