Add a New Post -archive

The content of your blog is composed of a series of posts listed in chronological order with the newest entry on top. Posts are sorted by assigning categories which keep your posts organized and will help your clientele find information quickly. You may have as many categories and posts as you want.

There are multiple ways to start creating a new post.

If you’re already logged in to your WordPress site, you don’t need to be on your Dashboard to add a new post. Simply point to New on the top Admin Toolbar and select Post from the submenu to open the Add New Post screen.
Add a new post from home page

Alternatively, you can go to your Dashboard and add new posts from there. There are two methods.

One way to start a new post is to hover over the New button on the top Admin bar and select Post from the sub-menu.

Add a new post from the Dashboard

Another method is hover over the Posts tab on the Dashboard’s vertical toolbar and select New Post from the submenu.

Posts - add new

Any of the above methods will open the Add New Post window.

Add a new post window

The Add New Post window is used to add content for your new post. The essential steps for adding a new post are:

Parts of the Add Post screen

In Part II, we’ll look at the essential components of a post and other formatting options.