Getting to Know the Dashboard

Your Dashboard is the first page you’ll see whenever you login to WordPress. You’ll use the Dashboard whenever you need to make edits to your site, add new posts or articles, create another blog, etc.

If you’re already logged in and viewing your live blog site, you can get to your Dashboard by pointing to your site name in the Admin toolbar and then select Dashboard from the sub menu.

Access dashboard from Admin Toolbar

Development Mode

When you first create a new site on, your site will be in Development Mode and will be hidden from the FYI homepage.  At the top of your Dashboard you will see this notice in a yellow bar:

Notification on top of Dashboard that your site is in development mode

While you are developing your site you can leave it in Development Mode and you will continue to see this notice at the top of your Dashboard.

When you’re ready to make your site public, click the “click here” link in the yellow notification bar. That link will open your Privacy Settings screen. Note: You can also open your Privacy Settings by going to DASHBOARD > SETTINGS > PRIVACY.

Site Privacy Settings

Select the radio button next to Share it! and then click the blue Save Changes button. Your site will then be included on the main site.

Dashboard Modules

The Dashboard is composed of several modules (Right Now, QuickPress, Recent Comments, etc.).  You can drag and drop each module and click to expand each one to see their contents.

The boxes on your Dashboard screen are:

At A Glance – Displays a summary of the content on your site and identifies which theme and version of WordPress you are using. Here you will also find the total space used of your sites storage allocation.

Activity – Shows the most recent published posts on your site.

WordPress Help from CETS – RSS feed displays the most recent posts from our WordPress Help site covering the latest updates, tips and best practices.

Side Menus

The menus on the left side of the Dashboard give you access to commands and preferences for your site. The menus pull out when you hover over them.

Side menu items in Dashboard

The bottom toolbar sections (Appearance, Users, Tools, Settings) control how your site looks and gives you access to various preferences such as themes, widgets, authors, users, comments, etc.

Additional menu items at bottom of Dashboard side menu

To leave the Dashboard and go back to view your live site, simply point to your site name in the top Admin Toolbar and select the Visit Site link from the  sub-menu.

Visit site link on the Admin Toolbar