Callout Box Plugin

Consider using the Callout Box plugin to display a stylized callout box within your content.  A callout box can be used to display content in a variety of ways – such as showcasing a quote, highlighting tips and more information, or providing links to additional resources.

This plugin, once activated, adds a new Callout Box tab to the edit post and edit page screens.

Activating the Callout Box Plugin

To begin, you must first activate the Callout Box Plugin. For more information on how to activate a plugin, see our help article: Activating and Deactivating WordPress Plugins.

Once the plugin is activated, each edit post/page screen will then have a new Callout Box option.

Tabl for Callout box

  • To add a callout box, begin by clicking on the Callout Box tab.
  •  A new Callout Box window will appear; select your style options and add a title (optional).

Callout Box window

  •  Once you have selection the style options you want, click the Insert Into Content button.
  • You will now see WordPress has added the necessary shortcode to produce your stylized Callout Box.

Note: You will need to cut (CTRL-X) and paste (CTRL-V) the content between each shortcode – see example below.

Callout box code sample

  •  Preview your post or page to see the callout box, then Publish/Update.

Your new Callout Box will look something like this:

Small Callbox - Learn more

Below is another Callout Box example, this time highlighting important information at the beginning of a post or page:

Callbox large w-titlle