Button Shortcode Plugin

Create a button using the Button Shortcode (CETS) plugin. If you’re looking for a new way to call attention to a specific link, the Button Shortcode might be just what you’ve been looking for. These buttons are to be used as specific calls to action – for example, when you need a prominent link to a registration form on an event page.

Note: These buttons should not be used in lists of links, such as in a listing of various resources, or in a listing of past newsletters.

Once this plugin in activated, simply place the link inside the shortcode:


[button] Register Now [/button]

When Published your new registration button will look something like this:


Register Now

The icon shown in each button is chosen based on the type of file you upload (for example, .pdf) or a variety of keywords used in the text (for example, “register”). If there is no matching file type or keyword, the button will appear without an icon.

Icons include:

  1. Register or Registration
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Podcast
  5. Download
  6. .pdf
  7. .doc or .docx
  8. .xls
  9. Subscribe, E-Mail, or Email
  10. News or Newsletter

Register and Download icons

PDF, DOC and Excel Icons

Parent PACT Presentation button

Begin by Activating the Button Shortcode Plugin

Note: For more information on how to activate a plugin, see our help article: Activating and Deactivating WordPress Plugins.

Once you have activated the Button Shortcode Plugin, you are ready to create a button.

  • From the edit window of a post or page, place the cursor where you would like the button to appear.
  • Next, type the button shortcode and place a descriptive title for the link inside, like this:

[button] Registration Form [/button]

  •  Highlight the link title and click the Insert/edit link Quicktag

click on insert-edit link quicktag

  • From the Insert/edit link window type or paste in the URL and click Add link

Type in link in insert edit link window

Your button shortcode and link will look something like this:

[button] Registration Form [/button]

  • Finally, click Publish or Update and view the page or post.

Your new button will look something like this:

Registration Form

See the Button Shortcode Plugin in action: Ipsum County Demo Site – Get Involved in Master Gardener.