New tools make cleaning up your site easy

Much like your hall closet that has over time become filled with mismatched gloves and swimsuits that don’t fit anymore, your WordPress site could use a thorough cleaning. Educational Technology Support has created some new tools that will make cleaning up your site a breeze.

Before you get started, ask yourself, do I really need this site? If your site hasn’t been updated since the Obama inauguration you may want to consider taking down your site. If your site is mostly linking to other sites you may want to consider taking down your site. You can contact the ETS Help Desk for assistance with this process. If you are concerned about losing documents and other files you have uploaded you now have the ability to Download Your Media Archive.

Another tool that ETS has created to make cleaning up your site even easier is the Unused Media Utility.  The Unused Media Utility that will go through your media library and remove files that are not in use. What does ‘in use‘ mean? Usually, this is when a file was uploaded to your Media Library but was not used in a page or post. Some common examples would be duplicates of the same file from when you were trying to get a picture just right or a PDF from 2013 you were going to link to in a post but then the phone rang and you forgot all about it or the post that did link to the PDF has long since been deleted. The Unused Media Utility will find these rogue files and remove them with the click of a button.  You can also Download Your Media Archive before you run the Unused Media utility if you are hesitant to take the plunge.