Name Badges

As of July 2019, all Master Gardener Volunteers earning certification will need to receive a state issued name badge. Interns completing requirements for certification and out of state transfers meeting our requirements will receive a badge at no charge. Additional and replacement name badges are available for purchase.  Badges are $15 each, and price includes shipping and handling. Orders will be submitted on the first Monday of each month, assuming we have the minimum order (5) required by the vendor. Badges will then be mailed to the county office as soon as possible.

To order, please submit names via this Google Spreadsheet (UW-Madison Google ID required)

For privacy reasons some people would prefer to use only their first name, or a first name and last initial. Others go by a nickname rather than the name listed in the database. If you are ordering any badges without a last name, or with an alias, be sure to include the full name along with your order. All name badges will have a magnetic fastener unless the pin type is requested. Please submit order through our spreadsheet file; orders submitted in email or document text will be returned for reformatting. Email the MG program office to notify us of order submission. Triple check spelling accuracy before submitting!

Name of volunteer (not to be printed) Name as to be printed on tag New badge or Replacement Special Instructions
Susan Mahr Susan Mahr New badge ($0)
Amy Freidig Amy F. Replacement ($15) Pin (not magnetic)
Richard Maddox Mike Maddox Replacement ($15)

Group orders through Extension county offices are preferred rather than individual orders (individual checks can be sent; the order does not have to be paid for with a single check). Group orders may request an invoice to be sent upon delivery. Checks must be made payable to “Wisconsin Master Gardener Program”. Mail checks to:

Wisconsin Master Gardener Program Office
1575 Linden Dr.
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Madison, WI 53706

Frequently Asked Questions

“When do I order name badges?”

For interns, they are eligible for a name badge when the successfully pass the final exam with a score of 70% or better, report a minimum of 24 hours of volunteerism on approved projects, and pass the criminal background check/ complete mandated reporter training/ sign behavior agreement.  This typically is after the October 1 reporting deadline.

Out of state transfers may receive their name badges when they meet the requirements of our program.

Replacement name badges may be ordered at anytime.

“How much do name badges cost?”

For interns and out of state transfers, the cost of the name badge is included with the purchase of the MG training manual.

Replacement name badges are $15 each.

“Why doesn’t the new badge list my county or association on it?”

Wisconsin MGVs are mobile throughout the state and volunteer across county lines. Furthermore, not all counties have an association and not all MGVs choose to be a member of an association.  This badge is to emphasize our statewide presence and improve the visibility of our Master Gardener Program brand.

“We think this badge is ugly, can we make our own?”

No. Again, this badge is to emphasize our statewide presence and improve the visibility of our Master Gardener Program brand.  Each county having their own name tag causes confusion and dilutes our brand identity.

“Can I keep using my old badge?”

Yes. We realize switching everyone over to a new badge right away would be a logistical nightmare. We are not going to make everyone get a new badge. Keep using what you have until it wears out or peer pressure forces you to change.  You can purchase a new one at that point in time.

“How do I get my renewal sticker?”

Renewal stickers are distributed to county coordinators at the end of the calendar year and should be distributed to all volunteers who meet certification requirements and planning to continue in the program for the following year. It is intended to be placed like a license plate renewal sticker, with only the most current year on the name badge.  Past stickers will not be provided.

“Can I get a name badge without a magnetic fastener?”

Yes. All name badges will be produced with a magnetic fastener unless requested.  Please specify pin-type when ordering.

“I only need one name badge…. what do I do?”

Our vendor requires a minimum order of 5 name badges.  We can tack your order onto someone else’s for us to get the minimum; it just may take longer for you to get it.