Horse Creek Watershed Council approves expansion in to neighboring Squaw Lake watershed

With growing interest from agriculture producers surrounding the Horse Creek Watershed, the Horse Creek Watershed Council has decided to expand its operating area to include the neighboring Squaw Lake watershed at its January 15, 2018 meeting.  The Squaw Lake watershed is mainly comprised of very productive agricultural land. Its topography generates a significant amount of surface water runoff which is collected in its receiving water, Squaw Lake.  Because of its impairment associated with excess nutrients, Squaw Lake is listed as an “Impaired” water body in Wisconsin. As a result, there has been a long history of efforts to improve its water quality.  The expansion of the Farmer-Led Watershed Council efforts into this watershed will be a welcomed continuation of soil and water quality improvement in the Squaw Lake area.  Due to this expansion the Horse Creek Watershed Council will now be recognized as the Horse Creek Area Watershed Council.