Using the Site

Using the Website

The most current information regarding what is available from the Media Collection is on this site.  The most recent titles added to the collection are listed in the “What’s New” box to the right at the top of the page. You can find materials available from the collection in a variety of ways.

Titles are listed under the ten major categories found to the right, with more specific sub-categories appearing under each of those. If you’d like to see what we have in a specific subject category, select the major category you think it would be listed under (e.g. “Farming”) and then click on the specific sub-category listing you’re looking for (e.g. “Horses”).   An alphabetical, annotated list of all the titles in that category will appear. 

There is no overall alphabetical list of all the titles available online.  However in addition to the category listings, you can search both titles and annotations by keyword, title or item number.  Enter whichever you’re looking for in the “Enter keywords” search box in the bar at the top of the page and it will bring up a list of everything we own with that word or number. 

Each title listing contains complete information about the title, including a short description of what it’s about, as well as a list of what it includes. The production date is given if known, in addition to the length of playing time for each DVD or videocassette and for any title that includes an audiocassette.

Each item has been assigned a unique item number which appears to the right of the title in the listing. In cases where there is more than one format available for a particular title – e.g., video and slide, the title is listed separately for each format along with the unique number for that format. Be sure to indicate the correct item numbers well as titles when ordering.

There are several cases where titles in the collection were issued as part of a series, e.g., Beginning Horsemanship Series. To help you identify and locate items in these series, we have included in the appropriate subject listing, the name of the series followed by a list of the titles included in each. You will need to refer to the individual titles for more complete information.

Print Catalog

The Media Collection last published a print version of our catalog, the Resource Guide in 2005. Many counties purchased copies at that time.  If your county is still using that edition, it is extremely outdated and should be discarded.  There are no plans to produce another print version in the future.   As always, the online version is the most current available and we strongly recommend that you use it.

Additional Information

Additional information including borrowing guidelines and an order form can be accessed by clicking on the tabs on the bar at the top of the page.