Livestock Skillathon Series – Swine

Tabletop displays each focusing on a specific management topic important to livestock production and projects. Enables project members to explain and test what they have learned. Available for beef, sheep and swine. Great resource for leaders to use in project meetings. See “Animal Nutrition Skillathon Series” for related titles. SEE INDIVIDUAL TITLES FOR MORE COMPLETE INFORMATION.

Breeds of Swine – #17231

Evaluating Leanness (Swine) – #17233

Ideas about Animal Welfare – #17238

Newly Born Pig Management – #17242

Parts of the Pig – #17244

Pork Quality – #17246

Swine Farm Equipment – #17252

Swine Learning Laboratory Kit – #18392

Swine Leg Abnormalities – #17253

Swine Parasites – #17254