You must place your order at least 1 week in advance to ensure timely shipping.

  • We cannot guarantee your materials will be delivered on time if you do not order at least 1 week in advance.

Media Collection materials may be kept for a maximum of 2 weeks, except for Skillathons, which may be kept up to 3 weeks.

Who Can Borrow

Materials in the Division of Extension, Media Collection are lent only within the State of Wisconsin, may only be reserved through Division of Extension, Extension faculty and staff, and are usually only used in conjunction with Extension programs. Interested Wisconsin residents who are not Division of Extension staff members should contact their local county Extension office to make arrangements to borrow from the Media Collection. Although all requests to borrow materials must come from Extension staff, to save time and postage we will mail them directly to club leaders, teachers, or other groups, if requested.

When To Request Materials

Everything is booked on a first come, first served basis. Thus, if you wish to preview or schedule an AV title, be sure to make your request as soon as you know you’d like to use it, indicating alternate dates and titles if possible. We can schedule items up to a year in advance. If you book something and decide later that you’d rather not use it, just let us know and/or update your Librarika account. Cancelling bookings is not a problem.

All orders are sent via SpeeDee Delivery Service. Since we like to allow 3 business days shipping time, please place your orders as early as possible so we have time to get them to you. Materials shipped within a day or two of your use date will ordinarily arrive on time, but we can’t guarantee it.

Loan Periods

We do not have a set loan period, and try to be flexible in meeting programming needs. You can help by requesting materials only for the dates when you will actually be using them, so they are available for others to use. Don’t worry about allowing for shipping time in the dates you specify. Our booking system will take care of that. We try to ship materials three business days before your scheduled use date. Unless otherwise requested, we always plan on your shipping the items back on the next business day after you’re scheduled to use them.

Confirming Your Order

If you don’t receive an email three days before your item should arrive stating that it is on its way,  please call us (800) 353-3514 or e-mail to make sure we received it.

Extending A Loan Period

Occasionally you will find that you need to keep an item longer than planned. Please be sure to call us to make sure it’s not booked for someone else (800) 353-3514. We try to extend loan periods if at all possible and it’s usually not a problem. Sometimes in order for you to keep something longer, we may ask you to forward it on to the next scheduled borrower.

Returning Materials

All materials are sent with shipping lists which have a column indicating “return date”. This is usually the next business day following the day(s) you’re scheduled to use the item. We expect you to mail the materials back to us before the return date. Use the original shipping materials, making sure the package is taped or wrapped securely. Return mailing labels are included in each package. If you can’t find the return label, see our address in Contact Us. Please return the materials in the box you received them in if at all possible.

You may use U.S. Mail, UPS or some other private shipper to return what you borrow. Many of our materials may be returned using US. Mail’s “Media Mail” rate. However according to Post Office regulations nontraditional media such as Displays, Skillathons & Learning Labs may not be sent via Media MailPlease return those items via Parcel Post (U.S.  Mail) or UPS Ground, FedEx or SpeeDee  Delivery Service.  Note: Parcel Post is often more expensive than the latter and may take longer.

 If located on the Madison campus, you can return via CAMPUS MAIL or Extension Truck. And of course, you’re always welcome to drop materials off at our office.

We have several items which are very valuable and should be insured when they are returned. You should find a note with each of those items regarding what value to insure the package for. To protect yourself, we encourage you to insure them.

It is your responsibility to see that the materials are sent back to us before the return date. Many titles are heavily scheduled and should not be kept past the date originally requested. Contact us immediately (800) 353-3514 if there is a problem or if you would like to keep something for a longer time. We try to extend loan periods whenever possible, but don’t assume you can keep something without checking with us first.

We’re interested in your input concerning the materials you borrow. Please remember to complete and return the evaluation forms sent with each title