2019 Garden Projects

Adams County

Adams-Friendship Elementary School Garden

The Adams-Friendship Elementary school garden has been in place for over 20 years and covers an area of 800 square feet with many raised beds. A 2017 Growing Together WI mini-grant involved a partnership with Master Gardener Volunteers, fifth grade classrooms, and summer school classes. A lack of leadership for the garden in 2018 prompted Be Healthy Adams County Coalition to step in and partner with FoodWIse to revive the garden. Growing Together WI 2019 mini-grant project goals included supplying produce for low income families, promoting environmental literacy for 4th grade students, and connecting elementary school students to nature. FoodWIse taught nutrition education to 4th grade students utilizing the curriculum Growing Healthy Kids and the Be Healthy Adams County Coalition provided garden-based lessons.

Partners of the Adams-Friendship Elementary School Garden include:

  • Adams-Friendship School District
  • Adams County Master Gardener Program/Extension Agriculture
  • Health and Human Services Be Healthy Adams County Coalition
  • Cypress Avenue and Greenhouse

In 2019, 123 pounds of produce harvested from the garden were donated to the new student-led High School Food Pantry and Adams Food Pantry.

Barron County

Barron Community Garden

The Barron Community Garden’s vision began in 2015, with the first year of production in 2016. The garden was able to expand access in 2017 and 2018 with FoodWIse mini-grants. In 2019, mini-grant funds were used to continue and expand the education, resources, and fresh produce to as many individuals with limited incomes as possible.

The mission of the garden is to increase food security for residents of Barron County by providing the opportunity to grow and consume fresh produce, encourage cross-cultural relationships, and create an educational and accessible garden in an attractive setting.  A main goal is to assist food insecure individuals and families to learn how to grow their own produce. A total of 393 pounds of fresh produce were donated to the Barron Food Pantry and the Senior Nutrition Program of Barron County from the community plots.

Partners of the Barron Community Garden include:

  • Barron County Developmental Services
  • Barron County Aging & Disability Resource Center
  • City of Barron
  • Barron County Master Gardener Volunteers
  • Barron Cupboard & Closet Food Pantry
  • UW-Extension Barron County

Brown County

A Garden In Every School

Since 2014, Extension has collaborated with New Leaf Foods to hold an annual Green Bay Garden Blitz, selling and installing raised bed gardens in homes and organizations throughout the community. To date, 547 beds have been installed. Each year, New Leaf Foods selects a target population for its Green Bay Garden Blitz subsidized garden boxes. In 2019, school gardens were elected as the target population for subsidized garden beds. The partnership between Extension Brown County, Green Bay School District, and New Leaf Foods resulted in raised beds installed and planted at 10 elementary schools, advancing the Green Bay Area Public School District’s interest in school gardening, now called “A Garden in Every School” initiative. 837 pounds of fresh produce were donated to the school meal programs.


Partners of A Garden in Every School Initiative include:

  • Green Bay Area Public School District
  • New Leaf Blitz
  • Brown County Community Gardens
  • Master Gardener Volunteers

Columbia County

Lincoln Park Learning Gardens

Growing Together WI mini-grant funds supported the establishment of a community garden plot at Lincoln Park. Lincoln Park is a site for the Portage USDA Free Summer Lunch Program and it is also the new site of the Portage Food Pantry, which is visited by residents at Howard Woods Apartments. The apartments are only available to those individuals and families with limited incomes and are approximately 0.2 miles from the food pantry/meal site, so residents can easily walk to and from the pantry/meal site. In 2019, six raised-bed garden plots were installed, each 4 feet by 12 feet, located near the Portage Food Pantry in a converted pump house in Lincoln Park. A total of 318 pounds of fresh produce were donated to the food pantry and gardening education was provided to kids who attended the summer meal program.



Partners of the Lincoln Park Learning Gardens include:

  • Columbia County Master Gardeners
  • Columbia County Extension Agriculture Program
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Portage Food Pantry
  • Portage Summer Lunch Program

Douglas County

Superior Community Garden

FoodWIse mini-grant funds supported the development of a community garden on land adjacent to the Superior Golden Apartments, a low-income senior apartment complex in the city of Superior. The Superior Community Gardens Association (SCGA) acquired land from the City of Superior in 2018. The SCGA built, maintained, and harvested the garden with volunteer assistance from neighboring resident family participants and the senior population. 25 pounds of produce were donated to two elementary schools located in the same census tract and the Northwest Community Services Agency food pantry. Gardening education was provided to youth and adults by Master Gardener Volunteers.



Partners of the Superior Community Garden include:

  • Superior Community Gardens Association
  • Master Gardener Volunteers
  • Cooper and Northern Lights Elementary Schools
  • Superior Golden Living Apartments
  • Good Garden Company
  • UW Extension Horticulture Program
  • Northwest Community Services Agency Food Pantry

Florence County

Florence School Garden

With the 2018 FoodWIse mini-grant, Master Gardener Volunteers and FoodWIse had the opportunity to partner on their first project together, the St. Vincent de Paul Pantry Garden. Eight elevated garden beds, soil, and plants were purchased to establish the space donated from Crossroads Community Garden. In addition to continuing to implement changes at the Crossroads Community Garden, the 2019 FoodWIse mini-grant funds expanded on gardening efforts by adding 4 elevated garden beds at Florence Elementary School to be utilized in the summer during Food, Fun, and Fitness programming for 1st-5th grade students. A total of 359 pounds of fresh produce were donated to St. Vincent de Paul food pantry and the school meal program. Nutrition and gardening education were provided by FoodWIse educators and Master Gardener Volunteers.

Partners of the Florence School Garden include:

  • Florence County Elementary School
  • UW-Extension Florence County
  • Team Nutrition
  • St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry
  • 4-H (Torpedos group)

Grant County

Grant County Growing Together Garden

With a 2018 FoodWIse mini-grant, two raised garden beds were installed at the Northern Grant County Food Pantry. This garden was a huge success and in 2019 mini-grant funds were used to expand the project to a second garden location in Lancaster. 28 pounds of fresh produce were donated to Lancaster Food Pantry and the Northern Grant County Food Pantry.

Partners of the project include: 

  • Master Gardener Volunteers
  • SWCAP Northern Grant County Food Pantry
  • Lancaster Food Pantry
  • Lancaster Community Garden
  • MultiCultural Outreach Program

Iowa County

Iowa County Growing Together Garden

Expanding on two Master Gardener Volunteer gardens at Ridgeway School and Plymouth Congregational Church, a 2018 FoodWIse mini-grant supported the development of an additional garden location at the SWCAP Iowa County Food Pantry. 2019 mini-grant funds supported the expansion of these three garden locations. Master Gardener Volunteers provided gardening education to youth.

 Partnerships include:

  • Master Gardener Volunteers
  • SWCAP Iowa County Food Pantry
  • Plymouth Congregational Church
  • Ridgeway Elementary School
  • Feeding Friends
  • MultiCultural Outreach Program

112 pounds of produce were donated from the Ridgeway School site to the school meal program. 352 pounds of produce were donated to Iowa County food pantry and 96 pounds of produce were donated to Feeding Friends, a weekly feeding program.

Lafayette County

Lafayette County Growing Together Garden

With a 2018 FoodWIse mini-grant, a Growing Together Wisconsin partnership with Master Gardener Volunteers and the Shullsburg FFA Garden embarked on the first year of utilizing garden and nutrition education to create opportunities for learning the importance of how to grow and prepare fresh produce. Due to unforeseen challenges, in 2019 the garden was reestablished at the Lafayette County Food Pantry in Darlington. Creating the garden at the food pantry proved to be very successful.

Partnerships include:

  • Master Gardener Volunteers
  • Extension 4-H Program
  • SWCAP Lafayette County Food Pantry

74 pounds of fresh produce were donated to the Lafayette County Food Pantry.

Langlade County

Antigo Food Pantry Garden

In 2019, a new partnership between FoodWIse, Master Gardener Volunteers, and 4-H used mini-grant funds to develop four raised garden beds at the Antigo Food Pantry. Goals of the project included providing nutrition and gardening education and a steady supply of vegetables to pantry patrons, along with encouraging patrons to prepare food from scratch. Education was provided to youth and adults by FoodWIse and Master Gardener Volunteers. 111 pounds of fresh produce were donated to Antigo Food Pantry.

Manitowoc County - Hmong Elders Garden

Hmong Elders Garden

FoodWIse, ADRC, and Catholic Charities have partnered for several years in Manitowoc County to provide nutrition education to Hmong elders through senior centers and Hmong Family Ties. In 2018, they coordinated efforts to create the first Hmong Senior Meal site in Manitowoc County, offering culturally appropriate foods and language assistance. However, the availability of fresh foods at the senior meal site was lacking. Growing Together WI mini-grant funds enabled the development of an onsite garden complete with raised beds accessible to the meal site clients. A variety of nutrition and gardening education was provided at the meal site and garden. Ten pounds of fresh produce was donated to the meal site.

Partners of the Hmong Elders Garden include:

  • Star-Splitters 4-H Club
  • 4-H Teen Ambassadors
  • Youth Advocates for Community Health
  • Catholic Charities
  • United Health Care

Manitowoc County - Painting Pathways Garden

Painting Pathways Clubhouse Salad Garden

Painting Pathways Clubhouse is a recovery-based program serving adults with diagnosed mental illness. In partnership with FoodWIse, Painting Pathways Clubhouse (PPC) utilized 2019 mini-grant funds to create four mobile salad gardens. In light of a 2019 building project that eliminated the in-ground gardens at PPC, members re-evaluated their garden situation. They decided to focus on greater access for members with dexterity and mobility issues, so the idea of mobile salad tables emerged. As a result, 41 pounds of fresh produce were donated and PPC was able to offer fresh salad as part of their daily meal and in their on-site food pantry and encourage gardening for fun and exercise. Gardening education was also provided to members.

Partnerships include:

  • Master Gardeners of Manitowoc
  • Painting Pathways Clubhouse
  • Fleet Farm to Manitowoc
  • 4-H Teen Ambassadors
  • Lincoln High School Special Education Garden Program
  • United Health Care

Outagamie/Winnebago Counties

Pillars Ascend Initiative Garden

Pillars formed in 2018, by a merger of the Homeless Connections, Fox Valley Warming Shelter, and Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities. The Pillars Community provides adults and families with emergency shelter, basic needs, and affordable housing. As part of Pillars Housing Solutions, the Ascend Initiative provides supportive services for young adults living with mental health challenges. The mission of Ascend is for young adults to build life skills for independent living and self-care practices, and to stabilize and improve the mental health of participants so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle on their own in the community once they leave the program.


Recognizing the therapeutic benefits of gardening and how it can help build and enhance many of these skills, Ascend and Extension saw an opportunity for developing a lasting partnership. In 2018, Master Gardeners taught container gardening to Ascend participants, and FoodWIse provided nutrition education related to the food being grown. Looking to take this concept one step further, Growing Together mini-grant funds established raised garden beds in 2019. Families served by the Pillars Community had limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables at the Pillars Adult and Family Shelter which houses a food pantry. The onsite gardens resulted in 150 pounds of produce donated to the food pantry, increasing the availability of fresh produce to Pillars patrons.



Racine County

The Racine County Food Bank Teaching Garden

The Teaching Garden is located at the Racine County Food Bank (RCFB), which serves 13 food pantries in Racine County. 2019 Growing Together mini-grant funds were used to maintain and improve the gardens at The Teaching Garden site at RCFB by increasing the types and amounts of herbs grown for sensory engagement, increasing the types and amounts of perennial plants to demonstrate efficient gardening options, and planting compact vegetable species to demonstrate growing techniques in small spaces. Hands-on nutrition education lessons were offered to 5th grade students. The education and ultimately 18 pounds of produce grown and donated at this site benefited many individuals and families with limited incomes in Racine County.

Partners of the Racine County Food Bank Teaching Garden include: 

  • Master Gardener Volunteers
  • Racine County Food Bank
  • Racine Unified School District
  • Greening a Greater Racine

Shawano County

Past, Present, and Future Gardening with Stockbridge-Munsee Community 

The Stockbridge-Munsee Community (SMC) is a Federally recognized Native American Tribe located in rural Shawano County. In the past couple years, a few community gardens were established on the reservation to provide the tribe with fresh produce. While there are two small stores located in neighboring towns, a grocery store with a large selection of fresh food items is at least 30 miles away for tribal members.

Growing Together mini-grant funds established two gardens on the Mohican Family Center premises to teach children about planting traditional Mohican foods and promoting gardening as a family. Raised garden beds were also established at the Ella Besaw Center, a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) owned and operated by the Stockbridge Munsee Tribe for Elders and physically handicapped who cannot live alone.

The Wolf River Master Gardener Volunteers lent their expertise and passion for gardening to grow and teach about healthy fresh produce in a traditional way. 432 pounds of fresh produce was provided to the tribal community through Stockbridge Food Distribution, the Elderly Center, and the F.R.E.S.H. Project “Share The Bounty” sites.

Partnerships include:

  • Mohican Family Center
  • Ella Besaw Residential Center
  • Wolf River Master Gardeners
  • UW Extension Shawano County
  • Stockbridge Munsee Community-Band of Mohican Indians
  • Stockbridge Food Distribution