Water Education Library

Resources and tools for the community to protect and enhance water quality and natural resources.
The Water Education Library (WEL) of Southwest Wisconsin provides equipment, resources and training for teachers, youth group leaders and area residents interested in learning more about water quality and natural resource issues. The WEL was formed and is supported by a committee representing government agencies, non-profit organizations and citizens. It is coordinated by Peggy Compton, UW-Extension Natural Resource Educator.

Equipment Available:

Chemical Testing Kits
Include dissolved oxygen, nitrate, pH, 
phosphate, and The Pondwater Tour.

Soil Equipment
This equipment includes a soil erosion 
demonstration kit, soil probes, and soil test kits.

Storm Drain Stencil Kit
This stencil is used to educate the public 
by labeling municipal storm drains.  This 
helps the public refrain from dumping 
contaminants into storm sewers.

Curriculum Guides
Books, Videos, Cassettes 
Environmental Resource Guides on a variety of subjects (such as non-point source pollution prevention) are available.


Demonstration Models:

Non-Point Source Pollution
Groundwater Flow
Monitoring Equipment
Collection Basins
D-Frame Nets and Kick Nets
Magnifying Lenses
Turbidity Tubes
Secchi Disks
Hip Boots and Waders

Reserving Equipment:

It is suggested that you call to reserve items at least two weeks in advance of when they are needed. Equipment may be picked up at the Agricultural Research Station by appointment only. If you are unable to pick up the equipment at the Agricultural Research Station, every attempt will be made to accommodate your needs.


No fees will be charged for the normal use of materials or equipment. However, a fee will be imposed for materials returned in an unacceptable condition (wet hip boots, chemicals improperly closed, groundwater model not drained and cleaned). You may be charged the replacement cost of any materials not returned or returned in an unusable condition.

The resources in the Water Education Library have been made available through generous donations from:

Cobb Lioness Club
Dickeyville-Kieler Lions Club
Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter of Trout Unlimited
Kiwanis Club of Dodgeville
LaCrosse Footwear Company
Platteville Kiwanis Club
Potosi-Tennyson Lions Club
SW Badger Resource Conservation & Dev. Council

Also supported through:

A Natural Resources Foundation grant
Grant County Professional Conservation Association
Lafayette County Priority Watershed Project Funds
The WI Department of Natural Resources
The University of Wisconsin Extension