Oak Savanna Restoration






Oak savanna is one of the rarest and most endangered native ecosystem in North America. Most of Wisconsin’s oak savanna is overgrown with non-native and invasive plant species and has little or no resemblance to the original oak savanna which covered a large part of west, central, and southwest Wisconsin. The Highland Cattle Oak Savanna Restoration project looked at rotational grazing as a means to help restore degraded oak savanna in southwest Wisconsin.

Final Summary
Integrating Livestock Production and Conservation: Use of cattle in oak savanna restoration –Download Pdf (1.34MB)

Oak Savanna Brochure
Exploring Options to Restore Wisconsin’s Oak Savanna – Download Pdf (282 kb)

Oak Savanna Update
Highland Cattle in Oak Savanna Restoration – Download Pdf (558kb)

Oak Savanna PowerPoint Presentation
Using Grazing to Restore Oak Savanna – Download Pdf (651kb)


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