Cattle Stream Crossings and Watering Systems

A fact sheet on creating graveled cattle crossings resulting in healthier streams, stabilized stream banks, and better footing for cattle is available at the Lancaster Agriculture Research Station. Contact Peggy Compton at (608) 342-1633 or e-mail for more information.

The Lancaster, WI Agricultural Research Station created a cattle crossing so the cows would cross the stream in only one location. When cows cross streams through soft banks, the stream edges erode, and with erosion, water quality diminishes. A stream crossing with a hard gravel footing encourages cows to cross in only one place which in turn protects the rest of the stream’s banks by preventing soil erosion.

Farmer Dick Cates has also created a stream crossing for his cows.

Watering Systems and Cattle Crossings fact sheet

A fact sheet on alternative watering systems resulting in better watering efficiency,stream side stability and improved water quality is available from the Lancaster Agriculture Research Station, from Peggy Compton, UWEX Basin Educator at (608) 342-1633 or by emailing.

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Watering needs sometimes require some ingenuity on the part of farmers. Dick Cates and Gene Schriefer are two who have come up with watering systems that work for them.