Supplemental Resources

Wisconsin Parenting Plan

Wis Parenting Plan Explained

What if a parent cannot attend our class? Online Alternative Courses

Handout for judges and parents: Why this class is required.

eParenting/Co-Parenting Curriculum: How digital resources can support co-parenting.

Wisconsin Court System, Basic Guide to Divorce (in English or Spanish)

State Bar of Wisconsin: Answering your Legal Questions about Divorceapart but not broken1--fathers.4.10.13

Wisconsin State Law Library: Resources on Divorce

SMILE video of children talking about their co-parents (order form, $30)

The SMILE program handbook

Minnesota Extension’s “Parents Forever” program

Divorce rate statistics for the U.S., Wisconsin, and your county 

Divorce legal terms & processes, Mary Geissler

Books on divorce and co-parenting for children, Fond Du Lac Public Library

Books on divorce for parents and children, Patti Herman (Columbia County)

Commmunity Resources List, Fond du Lac County

Family Resiliency Documents