co-parentingCo-Parenting Program

Over 16,000 children experience their parents’ divorce in Wisconsin each year. Many other children experience the separation of their never-married parents. This is an extremely stressful time for parents and children alike, and often leads to serious problems for the children.

But it doesn’t have to. Research has identified the specific skills that parents need to learn, to make co-parenting successful. Research has also confirmed that co-parenting classes, like the ones that UW-Extension offers, can be very effective at helping families weather this period in good shape.

While the divorce or separation of parents is a hard time, it is also a sensitive period in which the co-parents are establishing a new relationship, and in which each hour of our instruction can have a much larger impact than usual. In that sense, this is a strategic Extension program: targeted to an exact point in the lifespan when people can learn and change rapidly, and delivering a proven program that makes a tangible difference in lives.

Who is Teaching Co-Parenting through Extension in Wisconsin?

UW-Extension Educators Teaching Co-Parenting Classes