Welcome to the Civil Rights training modules!

This training has been designed to help all UW-Madison Division of Extension employees understand their civil rights responsibilities. Because Extension receives funding from the federal government to carry out its programs, we are required to comply with federal civil rights laws. These training modules will inform us how to make sure that our workplace and programs are accessible and welcoming to all persons.  You will soon learn that not only are civil rights the law, they are consistent with the purpose, vision and values of Extension!

How to navigate the course

The civil rights training is divided into modules, each focusing on an aspect of our civil rights responsibilities. Please begin with Module 1 – Civil Rights 101. Other modules are being developed and will continue to be added. Subsequent modules will cover topics such as demographics, building relationships with protected audiences, program development, documenting efforts, disabilities and accommodations, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), discrimination complaints, and creating inclusive environments.

All Extension employees are expected to complete Module 1 and take the quiz.  A quiz score of 80% (9 out of 11) or better constitutes successful completion of the module.  You will receive an email confirmation upon successful completion of each module.  Please keep a copy of the confirmation in your unit’s civil rights files to document your training.